Our Annual Tradition: National Storytelling Festival {Day 2}

Hey guys! Good morning! I’m back from Tennessee with more photos to share! Day two of the National Storytelling Festival was just as great as day one! We shopped around, ate hot dogs and ice cream, and spent some quiet time on the Hawley Bed & Breakfast porch, which overlooks the town. We also met up with some of my Tennessee family to watch the Tennessee football game against Georgia. UT football is kind of a big deal around here!
I was excited to wear some of the new clothes I got for my birthday. I rocked this flannel shirt and pants from Forever 21, and riding boots. It was a little warmer than previous years, but I loved my fall outfit too much to change!


I know I say this every year, but I really love the Hawley Bed & Breakfast where we stay. The Inn Keeper, Marcy, is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met! She’s so good to us! She says Aaron and his sister, Amber are “her children,” because she’s seen them grow up over the years; she also says Aaron’s proposal is the most special thing to ever happen in her home!


Oh and did I mention Marcy’s breakfast? It’s delicious – every. single. morning! We wake up early to eat and share stories at the breakfast table (the same table my husband proposed at!) The food in town is pretty good too. We scarfed down hot dogs and ice cream, and enjoyed hot chocolate during the evening stories. Paleo was out the window!


Despite all the great shopping, food, and Southern hospitality, the highlight of the weekend is always the storytellers. We enjoyed Ed Stivender and Bill Lepp, who we’ve heard in years past (both are hilarious), and we also really liked the new tellers, Antonio Rocha and Tim Lowry. (Shown below are a few of the other featured tellers.)



As you can see, it was another wonderful day at the festival– another wonderful year! I’m sad we’re headed back already – the weekend flew by – but I know this place will be around this same time next year, and I know we’ll be here yet again!

If you’re interested, you can read about our one year anniversary back at the festival here, and read the write-up the Storytelling Center did about us here.

What did you do this weekend?

Have you ever heard of storytelling?

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