Paleo Challenge: Weeks 3 & 4

It’s hard to believe I’m starting the sixth week of the Fall Paleo Challenge already. I have to say that I have truly enjoyed eating this way, and while some people might question a whether Paleo, as a lifestyle, is feasible, I can say that for me, it’s working. You’ll notice based on my food diary below that I haven’t been perfect, especially when it comes to coffee creamer (it’s my weakness), but beyond that, I have kept up with the challenge, which was one of my main goals after all. (See my food diary for week one here and week two here.)

A look at what I’ve been eating!

Day 16 (Sept 19): I totally lapsed and didn’t write a full record! All I have down is coffee with almond milk and green seedless grapes…

Day 17: Egg omelette and sweet potato hash. CrossFit. Kale salad with chicken, cucumbers, sweet potato and avocado dressing – yes I put sweet potato in my salad and it was good! La Sandia for dinner – ordered an avocado and shrimp salad, and drank one glass of red wine.


Day 18: Leftover sweet potato hash. CrossFit. Coffee with creamer. Salad club salad. Salmon, sweet potato, and salad with avocado dressing. Strawberries for dessert.

Day 19: Coffee with creamer and vegetable omelette with bacon on the side. Ants on a log and a larabar. Chicken, mushrooms and green beans for dinner. A little snacking on random (paleo) foods during meal prep.


Day 20: Coffee with almond milk, sweet potato hash (it’s my favorite recipe), and a peach. Ants on a log and a salad club salad. A lima bean salad (I know i’m not supposed to have lima beans but a coworker brought it in for me and I didn’t want to be rude!), larabar, almonds, and for dinner: salad with chicken, shrimp and avocado from Dogfish Ale House. Balsamic dressing on the side.

Day 21: Chicken sausage, scrambled eggs, and salsa with grapes on the side. Chipotle (paleo style) for lunch and a larabar. Raisins and almonds, and spaghetti squash for dinner.


Day 22: Chicken sausage and scrambled eggs again, salsa, and avocado. Coffee with creamer (2 cups). Apple and almond butter. Leftover marinara sauce (I just ate the sauce) and banana ice cream.

Day 23 (Sept. 26): Banana. Coffee with almond milk. Salad club salad.  Larabar. CrossFit. A random salad with a million throw-ins (all paleo).

Day 24: Coffee with almond milk. Chipotle (paleo) bowl with chicken. Thai shrimp and broccoli. (I have a feeling the Thai sauce had sugar, but I’m not sure; either way I didn’t eat the rice!) One glass of red wine.

Day 25: Eggs and salsa, chicken sausage, apple and almond butter. Carrots, cucumber and bell pepper slices for a snack (was on the road). Family party – ate all all sorts of non-paleo food!


Day 26: Eggs, an apple and bacon. Dinner at my husband’s grandmother’s house – we ate leftovers from the night before – more non-paleo foods! Also, (confession time!) I ate a plain McDonald’s sundae on the drive home. IT WAS SO GOOD! Lol.

Day 27: Larabar. Coffee with almond milk. Salad club salad with chicken added. Almond butter and celery. CrossFit. For dinner, a batch of guacamole and plantain chips. Bib lettuce with guacamole and chicken sausage – so random, I know! More random snacking during meal prep.


Day 28: Sweet potato hash, coffee with almond milk, larabar and carrots. Some almonds and raisins. CrossFit. Cabbage and rotisserie chicken with some sweet potato on the side. Banana and pineapple “ice cream.” Not sure why, but I got a tummy ache after dinner.

Quick Thoughts: 

  • I’m down more than 10 lbs now! I haven’t weighed myself but last time I did, I was down a total of 10 lbs. Several people have commented that I look thinner, husband included, and I can really feel a difference in my clothes!
  • I’ve been very lenient with the coffee creamer, which I mentioned last time I wanted to cut out. I know I should but coffee is seriously my weakness! I love a good cup of jo!
  • It’s time to try some new recipes. I’m a little sick of things like sweet potato hash and avocado dressing. There’s tons of paleo recipes out there, it’s time to give a few new ones a try.

Moving Forward: 

  • Sweets. I feel myself going to town on things like almond butter, raisins, and larabars, which I know are the foods full of sugar. I’d like to reign it in a little on the sweets and maybe even the starchy vegetables like sweet potato, and see the effect (if any occurs).
  • These last few weeks are going to be the hardest as I’m traveling A LOT. Also, the week after the challenge ends, I’m headed to see my grandmother in Florida. –> I always gorg myself at her house! I don’t want to go buck wild when the challenge is over. I’d like to maintain this way of eating.

Tips for you:

  • Meal prep, meal prep, meal prep. I’ve been helping my father-in-law adopt this lifestyle and I swear, the only thing saving him is all the meal prep we’ve done so that allowable foods are on hand. Meal prepping is half the battle!
  • Don’t be afraid to try new foods or combinations of foods! I have been obsessed with sweet potato in my kale salads lately and while I know that sounds like a crazy combination, it’s seriously so good! Try it!
  • I’ve also been loving Pellegrino just as something different to drink than regular water! It’s definitely a splurge (at some restaurants they charge like $5 a bottle), but it feels so worth it!


I’d love to hear what you’ve been eating lately!

Have you ever considering adopting a paleo lifestyle?

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  1. That’s awesome that you are seeing results with your Paleo diet! I’m happy you are doing so well! I’m working on eating more protein and less carbs, not to mention, less Starbucks! My legs are so sore from training yesterday that that is limiting my desire to go find unhealthy food as I’d have to walk to get there! LOL 🙂

    Posted 10.8.13 Reply
    • Sara wrote:

      Thanks for your comment Monica! I’ve loved the paleo lifestyle so far, but I went way off track this past weekend (see week 5 coming soon)! I’m working on getting back on track, though. Good for you for making some changes too! (Sore legs is usually a good sign!)

      Posted 10.8.13 Reply
  2. Wendy Campbell Raymond wrote:

    I found your blog…! I feel like same way about the paleo challenge, I’m a little nervous when it’s all over and how will I maintain when I do want pizza. I even went with B to Season’s 52 and nothing there was really paleo friendly – the number of questions I ask in order to decide on food is exhausting, however, I do love the fact I can now do pull-ups! 🙂

    Posted 10.19.13 Reply
    • Sara wrote:

      Wendy!!!!!!! I cannot believe you found me! Haha. I would have told you, but I’m a little shy about the new blog! Anyway, I’m so, so proud of you for doing the challenge straight through for the FULL 7 weeks; not to mention the fact that you can now do pull-ups! I’m so jelly!!!!! I’m super proud of you and think you’ll continue to do great! Glad you left a comment. 🙂

      Posted 10.22.13 Reply