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A few weeks have passed since the Paleo challenge and I wanted to check-in with you guys and let you know how life and eating have been going lately. If you read my recap you know how much I enjoyed eating Paleo – I felt better physically and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to stay “strict.” I was also happy to shed a few pounds!
However, toward the end of the challenge, I took a few trips that were cause for a little more indulging than usual – I went to Tennessee, Austin, and Flordia! And since those, I’ve been struggling to get back on track.

This should come as no surprise since sugar is like crack and very, very addictive. Not to mention the onset of the holiday season, red cups and the pumpkin craze!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for living life and enjoying a few indulgences, but I’d like to get back to being strict most of the time versus being “bad” most of the time. Does that make sense? Is anyone else experiencing this?

The good news is that I’m back at work (the furlough is over; vacations are over), and back into my workout routine! Even though I think this is the most unflattering picture ever, I’m sharing it because it was posted to the blog of my CrossFit box last week!

Nov-8Photo credit: Kx photography

Lord, is this really what I look like when I workout? Lol!

Here’s a rundown of last week’s workouts:

Monday – CrossFit // 5×5 Benchpress (I lifted at 85 lbs for three sets and 95 lbs for two) // AMRAP for 9 minutes – 20 double unders (in my case, 40 singles), 10 push-ups, and 5 handstand push-ups (I did a scaled verison which is basically hoisting myself into a pike position on top of box – they’re still hard, though)! My triceps were so tight and sore after this workout!

Tuesday – Personal Training // We did three sets of three kinds of push-ups, dumbbell tricep extensions and leg lifts; jump squats, heavy rope conditioning, and some sprints and hurtle jumps.   

Wednesday – CrossFit // Part A: Powersnatch work 3-3-3-2-2-1-1-1 Part B: 30 Barbell Rollouts. I got ONE power snatch at 80 lbs, and that was after about 5 tries.

Thursday – Off // I should have worked out with my trainer Thursday, but my workout buddy was out of the office and work was really busy (excuses, excuses!). I think the rest might have been good for me, though because I wasn’t getting to bed at a decent hour at all last week and was really tired!

Friday – Off // Again, work was busy and I had a class to attend that evening.

Saturday – CrossFit // Buy-in: 400 m run 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Hanger Power Snatches, ball slams, wall balls. Buy-out: 400 m run.


I think this was the hardest workout of my life! At this point, I was convinced two days of prior rest was a good thing! I was really winded almost immediately – it was a longer workout with no opportunities for rest. And, I was worrying the entire time about the sheer number of reps… We counted them the night before – it’s 84! Not a number you want swirling in your head when you are just getting started. I did finish – somehow – in 28:07, and then immediately laid out on the floor to catch my breath! Lol.

I’m in a pretty good routine going to CrossFit three times a week with Aaron (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday; sometimes Friday), and getting to my work gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I really like this routine but I’d like to fit in working on certain crossfit skills sometime, too. I need to spend time at home praticing handstands and doing more foam rolling. When I go to my work gym, I need to practice pull-ups, too. One thing I’ve realized lately is that you have to actually work on certain skills to improve them – it’s not going to just happen on its own!

What have your workouts been lately?

What are some workouts or moves you want to improve?

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