Real Housewife, Sarah: Modifying My Calorie Intake

{This is our weekly check-in post with Real Housewife Blogger, Sarah in Australia! Sarah weighs in Wednesday, then checks in with us Thursday. Since she started blogging her journey (end of January), she’s down 8 lbs!}
From Sarah:

What a week, I was at home all week – it was absolutely delightful! I started off the week with an appointment with my nutritionist bright and early Monday morning, which is actually a perfect time because it really gave me a good stance for the week. Weight-loss wise, I am right on track with where she wants me to be but she still thinks I can tighten it up and be losing more.

On average, over the past month I was sticking to 1500 calories and I still lost weight, but some days were far worse than others. All of the days I was at 1200 calories were days when I had completed control over my food; either working from home or in the office. So, the new plan is to aim for 1200 calories on those days (including the weekends) and 1500 on the days when I am travelling or out of the office.

There were also a number of other things she spoke about that really helped me, such as having a critical look at your food intake on at least a weekly basis (if not daily) to see where you went wrong (if you did) and ways you can fix that next time. I was just mindlessly plugging my food into MyFitnessPal and not looking at it again. This is definitely something to consider if you are finding yourself in a bit of a rut or plateau.

So, I am now following a bit of a new structure and will be trying to log on here at Eating the Olives every few days rather than once a week to really keep things accountable.

As for exercise this week, things went quite well:

  • Monday – Run (522 cals)
  • Tuesday – Walk (130 cals)
  • Wednesday – None
  • Thursday – Fitness Test (400 cals)
  • Friday – Step/Cross-training class (400 cals)
  • Saturday – Gym Cardio (568 cals)
  • Sunday – Oztag (796 cals)

During my gym workout on Saturday I tried out the new feature on the bikes that I hadn’t used before and I went on a very scenic bike ride through New England! It also gave little tips about the area as I rode along which was quite nice.

Sunday in Sydney was an absolute cracker of a day, the sun was out in full force and we enjoyed a great tag session before the rain started on Monday night. Just quietly, how good are my footy boots! Orange may or may not be my favourite colour (see above photo drink bottle).

My stats for this week:

Weight Lost This Week – 0.5lbs

Total Weight Loss (since January): 7.5lbs

*I am almost back down to my lowest weight after those travel weeks (100g to go), then just need to keep on seeing that downward slide!

Also, my fitness test results weren’t a huge improvement but still a step in the right direction! I ended up doing mine a week late due to travel but the results were:

  • 1 km run – 5 min 40 secs (no change)
  • 1 minute of pushups – 28 (no change)
  • Plank on knees 3 minutes (14 secs longer!)
  • Wall sit – 1 min 15 secs (6 secs longer!)

I was a little dissappointed, but I have to say I will definitely make sure my husband is around for my next fitness test in 4 weeks because he really pushes me to go further. I tried not looking at the clock but it was all quite mental I think.

To catch up with Sarah, by check out her intro or search the Real Housewife-Sarah category! You can also follow Sarah’s journey over on her healthy living blog, Eating the Olives!

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