Real Housewife, Sarah: A Total of 5 lbs Down!

[This is our weekly check-in with Real Housewife Blogger, Sarah in Australia! Sarah weighs in on Wednesday, then checks in with us on Thursday to share what’s working and what’s not! This lady is rockin’ it! So inspiring!}
From Sarah:

Last week was a pretty easy week work wise and I absolutely nailed all my workouts. I was in Sydney all week so it definitely makes it easier!

I thought I would do a little round up of my workouts to show what I am up to each week and to make me realise why I was a little sore on Monday morning!

Monday – fitness test: 1 km run, plank, wall hold, 1 min pushups and flexibility. Plus a 4km walk (484 calories)
Tuesday – Ride to work – 14km each way. (1477 calories)
Wednesday – Oztag game (433 calories)
Thursday – rest day
Friday – Cardio circuit at the gym (524 calories)
Saturday – Step Class plus 40 minutes cardio (1054 calories)
Sunday – Oztag training (919 calories)

Really looking forward to next week, I have an entire week in the office and I am already planning for my 3 riding to work days! Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Meals were 100% on track for the week, with Meal Planning February, I was able to get some great planning ahead. I am also slowing working on Meal Prep Sunday (Meal Prep Monday whilst it sounds better, is so impractical) where I prepare as much as I can for the next few days, such as my breakfasts, some of my lunches, any vegetables etc. It really helps cut down the time in the mornings and at night to make meals!

I have also discovered a new found love for Chobani yogurt!

Mrs Teaspoon

Here’s my stats for the week:

Weight Loss This Week: 1.5 lbs!

Total Weight Loss (since Jan. 7th) : 5 lbs!

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