Recipe: Chicken Enchilada Bake

Hi guys! I have a treat for you today– the recipe I made for my girl’s night (a recipe I have made countless times!) and the answer to your craving for Mexican, but without all the calories and fat! Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • It’s delicious and doesn’t taste low fat!
  • It’s only 300 calories per serving (the shrimp version is 280 cals), but it’s hearty. Your husband will love it!
  • It’s great for get-togethers because the recipe serves 8.
  • You can freeze and/or store this meal ahead of time (yay for meal planning)!
  • It’s easy to modify based on your likes- try making it with shrimp!
  • Did I mention it’s delicious?

I got this recipe from my favorite recipe source, It’s a modification of the Quick Shrimp Enchilada Bake. I love eating this with a side salad and tangy cilantro-lime dressing. Hubs loves it with ranch! You can use pretty much use any kind of chicken you want for the filling (or use shrimp!), but I always opt for rotisserie because it’s moist and oh so delicious!

The pictures in this post were once again styled and shot by Lauren-Michelle. She is amazing! We tried to capture the process, rather than just the final product! We figured you might learning to make this through pics, rather than me telling you how! 🙂

Now say hello to our lovely Costco chicken that cost just $5!:


And some target-brand green chiles. I never cooked with these previously but they add a lot of flavor!c

To make the enchilada filling simply chop up some chicken and mix it with the green chiles and one cup of frozen corn.



Then prepare your baking dish by pouring a little green Verde sauce on the bottom, and add a single layer of tortillas.



You’ll need refried beans too, of course! These are the non-fat kind, but they’re just as good. They’re a big part of the reason this dish is so filling!

Enchilada-8 Enchilada-9

Add a layer of your fill on top, and then another layer of corn tortillas.


We used all of our chicken so that none of it went to waste, but seriously, you don’t need that much!


One more layer of tortillas!

Enchilada-12 Enchilada-13

A little more green salsa and voila… you’re ready to throw it in the oven!


I’ve mentioned before that I like simple recipes with ingredients I recognize, or can at least find pretty easily in the store and that’s exactly what this is– the filling is unbelievably simple: frozen corn, green chiles, chicken, and a little green Verde sauce.

As you can see, the assembly is easy, too! Layer and go! It’s literally JUST that.


And after about 20 minutes in the over, you’ll add a little shredded non-fat cheese. Let the dish bake for an additional 5 minutes and… you’re done! It’s SO easy!


*Now, I have to say that the final product usually looks a lot better than this! The cheese hardened as we were shooting other recipes as well– I promise it’s good though! Seriously, it’s so good and the cheese is usually oozing!

I’m actually not going to post the recipe here. It’s available right here just substitute the chicken for the shrimp (if you want; the shrimp is good too)!

As for the nutrition facts, they’re listed below. As you can see, I saw that we used half of the entire rotisserie chicken, but truth be told: we put the whole chicken in this bad boy for the shoot! (So if your mix doesn’t look as dense, that is probably why!)

Chicken Enchiladas

I hope you will try this recipe and report back!

It’s one of my favorites and I’m really excited to have shared it on the blog now!

What’s your favorite low-calorie/low-fat Mexican meal?

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