Second Trimester Recap: Weeks 18 & 19

Hey friends! Happy Friday!
I’m super excited today because we find out whether we’re having a boy or girl TOMORROW! Eek! We have a brunch planned with a bunch of our friends and will either cut a cake or pop balloons to find out the sex. I’m so, so excited! I’ll probably go to bed early tonight just so that tomorrow gets here sooner! 🙂

Since I’ll recap that event for you  Monday I figured I might as well go ahead and share a recap of weeks 18 & 19. I seriously cannot believe I’m 20 weeks already. Halfway there!

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I’m on an ice coffee kick – I love iced americano from Starbucks with a splash of half and half. I also like the Dunkin Donuts hazelnut swirl (but just one pump; 3 is too many)! Don’t worry, though, I usually get decaf because too much caffeine is a no-no!

I’m also on an easy mac kick, it’s so weird! Recently craved a burger, Chipotle and Sweetgreen. I LOVE SWEETGREEN! The harvest bowl is my favorite salad, ever! Yum! I just have them hold the goat cheese.


None really! Yay!


Lots of peeing: it feels like more often than ever before!

I have heartburn: Ugh! I’ve never had it before but now that I do, I totally get why it drives people crazy – it sucks!

I’ve had some round ligament pain:  I was so relieved to find the actual name for the tugs and aches I was feeling in my lower belly; they were making me nervous! However I read that this is completely normal – it’s your body making room for your “enlarging uterus.” Oh fun! Haha.

Frequent headaches: Unfortunately there’s been a few really bad headaches lately…

Tiredness (again): I feel more energized than I did during the first trimester but I still take naps! In fact, I took one both Saturday and Sunday after busy mornings. I’m beginning to realize how vital rest is during this process. If my body tells me to slow down, I don’t hesitate.

My belly popped! I had to go on an emergency run for maternity clothes last night because I am literally out of pants. I resorted to dresses the first half of the week, which were nice, but I hardly recognize myself guys! I’m officially SHOWING. [Insert shocked face!]



Still hard.


See! It’s super hard.

Part A:
Press (6 sets, performing one set every 2 minutes)

Part B:
1500 m Row buy-in, then:
3 Rounds of:
5 Deadlift (275/195)
10 Chest-to-Bar Pullups

I swapped ring rows for pull-ups and scaled the weight for deadlifts to 145 lbs.


Every 90 seconds for 18 minutes (12 sets*) of:
1 Clean
2 Jerks

*Start at 50% and work to 85-90% for final four sets.

I loved this workout! It wasn’t as physically exhausting as other workouts I’ve done lately and the best part: I felt strong! I worked up to 110 lbs, which felt GREAT to throw up! (But shhh… don’t tell anyone! My mom would freak if she knew I lifted 100+ lbs while pregnant!)


I finally told my boss I’m pregnant! I’ve been nervous about sharing the news with my job because I’m still fairly new (in fact, I just passed the 90-day probationary period). However, I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a lot of positive feedback from her and everyone else I work with. I also learned that my employer is a lot more flexible with maternity leave than I originally thought so that’s a huge relief.

I was rockin’ an undercover bump for AWHILE. It’s so nice to not have to hide it anymore!


We had our anatomy scan! We were on cloud nine after our anatomy scan. There’s nothing like seeing glimpses of your growing baby! What a relief to count five fingers and toes and see and hear the heartbeat — it’s simply amazing!

We totally felt like our little one was showing off, too. We saw lots of fist pumps and Aaron swore he saw some squats! We also got a little flex from him or her (4th photo below)! Of course, I had the technician print them all!

Anatomy Scan

Anatomy Scan

Anatomy Scan

One of my friends who I shared this photo with responded, #babyguns! Yes, indeed!


For the devotionals that Aaron’s mom gave me. I love them! They have weekly prayers that go along with the development of the baby and the Waiting in Wonder book had me crying within the first chapter! They make for great evening reading. They help me relax and ease a lot of the regular pregnancy worries.



Our gender reveal party – tomorrow! I can’t wait!

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