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Morning friends! I hope you had a fab weekend — mine was a packed one!
My best friends invited me to go with them to New York to sit in on a tapping of the Dr. Oz show. They’ve been fans of his for awhile now and they’re always sharing tips from his show. I’ve been a skeptic, taking those tips with a grain of salt. Never having watched the show regularly and, having heard a few not-so-good things about the man, I hesitated to jump on the Dr. Oz bandwagon (although, my mom, grandmother, sister-in-law, and other friends are fans, too).

Anyway, seeing a show in person turned my perceptions upside down! I had a blast and I learned a lot! It was a fun and informative. I can’t wait to see my episode air and start watching the show more regularly.

Dr. Oz in New York Pier One CafeDr. Oz in New York Pier One Cafe

Thankfully, New York is just a bus ride from VA. We bought same-day roundtrip tickets on Vamoose and headed out at 7am Friday morning.

We made excellent time, arriving in New York around 11:30 am. We didn’t have to report to ABC headquarters until 1:45 so we hailed a cab across town (to be near our destination) and then turned to Yelp to find food — of course we took a group selfie first!

Dr. Oz in New York Pier One Cafe

We made it!

Once we got across town we noticed we were near the water so when I saw pier i cafe was only a block away, I figured it might have a nice view — and boy was I right!

Dr. Oz in New York Pier One Cafe

Dr. Oz in New York Pier One Cafe

We walked through Riverside Park to get to pier i cafe, which turned out to be THE best lunch spot! We couldn’t have asked for anything nicer! Quick service, outdoor seating shaded by bright umbrellas, a gorgeous view of the water and delicious food: we got three burgers and a pitcher of blueberry lemonade that was deeeee-licious!

Dr. Oz in New York Pier One CafeDr. Oz in New York Pier One CafeDr. Oz in New York Pier One CafeDr. Oz in New York Pier One CafeDr. Oz in New York Pier One CafeDr. Oz in New York Pier One Cafe

The only issue with the restaurant were the pigeons — or, rather, Ghadeer’s pigeon phobia! It’s a miracle I got her to sit still long enough for a photo because she was hopping up every few minutes to run from the birds! Lol

Dr. Oz in New York Pier One Cafe

After lunch we headed to the ABC studio. It didn’t take long to get excited — in the hallway leading to the entrance of the set, big photos of Dr. Oz and the ladies from The View made us realize “This is it! We’re about to be on TV!”

Dr. Oz in New York Pier One Cafe

After about an hour of waiting – first in the lobby and then in a room near the studio (where we took “healthies” [you know, instead of selfies – ha!]) – we finally got our seats on set!

Dr. Oz in New York Pier One Cafe Dr. Oz in New York Pier One Cafe

It was bright and beautiful and the best part? We landed awesome seats! You can very clearly see us on several shots during the show; so exciting!

The title of the show was “What to eat for your body type,” and Dr. Oz talked about the two different body types: those that carry weight around their waist (android) and those that carry it below (gynoid).

The show was probably my favorite part of the day because I learned so much! In addition to the android-gynoid discussion Dr. Oz talked about ovarian cancer prevention, the importance of progesterone production in women, and the dangers of eating too much salt. It was all very fascinating!

I really like that he had real organs on set (sounds gross) – he showed us a uterus and two hearts: a healthy one and unhealthy one, which was really eye-opening. He also did an interesting demonstration to illustrate how a lack of progesterone can make women feel stuck in a mood (especially women going through menopause). He followed up by giving examples of foods women can eat to help with progesterone levels — one of which was oatmeal.

Between takes there was a comedian to keep the audience entertained and he was great! They also played music to get the crowd hype and you could tell everyone in the room was enjoying themselves!

At the end of the show we got to take a photo with the doctor and shake his hand! (I didn’t think Ghadah was going to let go — Lol)! One of his staff members took the photo and said they will post it to the Dr. Oz Facebook page soon. I’ll keep you posted on when that appears!

After the show, we took a few pictures around town but since our bus home was leaving at 6pm, we didn’t waste anytime getting back to Times Square. The city was seriously bustling (so. many. people. omg.) — we were ready to retreat to the bus and relax!

Dr. Oz in New York Pier One Cafe

If you can believe it, we made it home around 10pm – again, excellent time! I’ve taken the Megabus and others to and from New York in the past but Vamoose was definitely the best in terms of speed and reliability. I still can’t believe we got there and back in a single day!

I had such a blast (as I’m sure you can see from all the photos) and I’m happy Ghadeer invited me along! I’m also happy to add a little healthy TV to my DVR!

To get your tickets for Dr. Oz go here.

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Do you watch Dr. Oz? 

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  1. Naomi S wrote:

    OOO Sounds fun! I’m still a little conflicted on Dr. Oz, but I know he’s not a complete hokey and knows his stuff and it seems like you learned some new things during your trip so that’s awesome! I once attended an MTV TRL studio show back in the day (the main guest was Jennifer Lopez when she was engaged to Ben Affleck and I remember gawking the whole time at the size of her pink rock).

    Posted 8.25.14 Reply
    • Sara wrote:

      I totally had to google MTV TRL just to realize: OMG how could I have forgotten about TRL?!? I used to LOVE that show!! That’s way cooler than Dr. Oz!! (And J-Lo, OMG!)

      Posted 8.25.14 Reply
      • Naomi S wrote:

        I know! makes me feel ancient….that was over 12 years ago that I went on it!!! I’ve also attempted getting into Price is Right and Live! with Kelly and Michael but they cut off the line when they capped off for both so didn’t get in 🙁

        Posted 8.25.14 Reply
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    Posted 4.23.17 Reply