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“A smile is the prettiest thing you’ll ever wear.”

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Hi, friends! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since last Monday! Life has been so hectic lately, sorry! It’s been all good things, though! First of all, I got my braces off! My teeth are so incredibly straight, it’s unbelievable! It’s so nice to be able to smile with confidence. I’ve been self-conscious about my teeth for awhile and of course, adult braces didn’t help! They were totally awkward! This weekend we celebrated the twins birthday and you better believe I was smiling big the entire time! I also got a whitening kit from my dentist, so my teeth are looking better than ever before. I plan to blog more about my experience with braces but for now, check out the mold of my teeth before. Gah! #speechless


In other news I’ve been really sick lately! Like really sick! It started the Friday BEFORE last. I could hardly swallow at first, then I lost my voice, then I got a nasty cough. It’s still lingering a little but I think it’s almost gone! Whatever virus I had was a nasty one!

The good news is I didn’t let being sick deter me from my usual workouts! I’ve been going to CrossFit plus, I’ve gone to Kaza a few times and even a Bikram yoga class! Diversifying things has been fun and rewarding: I’m down 3 lbs since the start of my weight loss competition! Woo hoo!

The weight loss competition is awesome!!! Everyone is doing so great! The enthusiasm has not died down! Everybody is still posting often, keeping track of their points and weighing in once a week! One competitor is already down 9.5 lbs and we have 3 more weeks to go! Here’s a few pictures of some of the healthy meals and snacks people have posted. I love that our group is active on the Facebook page and that we’re constantly sharing healthy products, recipes, and tips!


For me, the competition has provided the perfect combination of support and accountability. This weekend I noticed my clothes felt a little lose and, well, shopping has been funnier than ever! (Yep, I’m still flexing in the dressing room! Do you do that? I’m weird. I know.)


Another reason I’ve been so busy lately is because June is a month of so many birthdays! It was my mom’s birthday and Aaron’s birthday, and then, this past weekend, the twins turned 30! We spent the night at the National Harbor and took the water taxi to The Chart House for a group dinner. It was a wonderful time!


I made the twins a framed picture of “30 Things We Love About You Two!” which was a big hit. It had quotes from all our friends of things we love about them from, “Love that you’re twins” to “Love that you’re so fashionable!” Needless to say, they loved it!


Also, exciting news: I gave away my first Fit for a Bride tank! Woo hoo! I really haven’t had a lot of time to promote these but things should be settling down soon and I can’t wait to finally setup my online shop!

It’s kind of funny, I’ve been carrying around two tanks in the back seat of my car to give to a few girls at my box but I’ve been nervous to! Well, this one girl (who I didn’t even know was engaged) happened to tell me she was taking engagement photos over the weekend – her fiance is a CrossFitter at our box, too – so, of course, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell her about my blog and gift her one of my tanks! She’s a beast in the gym so it’s no stretch to call her a Fit bride! Speaking of which, I have some awesome CrossFit engagements coming your way soon!!! Here’s what my friend, MK, posted to Facebook after after receiving her FFAB tank:

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.12.59 AM

What do you think of the Fit bride tank? Are you ready for them to go on sale?

What’s new with you, how was your weekend?  

Oh, and PS: Don’t forget about Bulu box – it’s only $5 a month with your FFAB discount!

PPS: If you haven’t caught up with the Ask GG series — a beauty column the twins help out with you should definitely check it out!

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