Snowy Engagement Session at Blue Moon Rising in Maryland

Good morning blogettes! I’m finally back and I’m finally feeling better! It’s snowing here in Virginia and I have a special snowday delivery for you: Laura & Brian’s snowy engagement session at “Blue Moon Rising” in Maryland, photographed by Karlo Photography! I love that this shoot is local and if I’m being honest, the couple’s golden retriever, Leo, frolicking in the snow and full of personality, had me at first glance!
Did I mention there’s snow??  Cozy up for a whole lotta cuteness, these three are adorable!


Dougherty_Lamouree_Karlo_Photography_226564_Karlo20Photography2020Laura202620Brian20Engagement2028Print290005_low Dougherty_Lamouree_Karlo_Photography_226565_Karlo20Photography2020Laura202620Brian20Engagement2028Print290008_low

Karlo-Engagement Dougherty_Lamouree_Karlo_Photography_226568_Karlo20Photography2020Laura202620Brian20Engagement2028Print290016_low Dougherty_Lamouree_Karlo_Photography_226569_Karlo20Photography2020Laura202620Brian20Engagement2028Print290017_low Dougherty_Lamouree_Karlo_Photography_226570_Karlo20Photography2020Laura202620Brian20Engagement2028Print290020_low


From Karlo, the photographer:

We wanted to do something outdoorsy and tossed around the idea of a snowboarding session on the slopes but the idea of being “bundled up” due to the cold weather didn’t lend to intimacy. At the last minute, a friend of mine asked me to come take a tour of “Blue Moon Rising”, an eco-tourism venture that was launching at Deep Creek Lake. This was the place. From their tiny cabins featuring re-purposed wood and materials, to their quiet nature trails, it was the perfect location. Brian & Laura brought along their 1 year old Golden Retriever, Leo, along for the shoot. I found the shoot to be casual yet close; sporty but soft. Laura & Brian are set to wed on May 25th, 2013 at Wisp Resort in Deep Creek Lake.”

Dougherty_Lamouree_Karlo_Photography_226573_Karlo20Photography2020Laura202620Brian20Engagement2028Print290028_low Karlo-1 Karlo-4Dougherty_Lamouree_Karlo_Photography_226576_Karlo20Photography2020Laura202620Brian20Engagement2028Print290029_low Dougherty_Lamouree_Karlo_Photography_226577_Karlo20Photography2020Laura202620Brian20Engagement2028Print290040_low Dougherty_Lamouree_Karlo_Photography_226578_Karlo20Photography2020Laura202620Brian20Engagement2028Print290042_low


Karlo-6 Dougherty_Lamouree_Karlo_Photography_226586_Karlo20Photography2020Laura202620Brian20Engagement2028Print290063_low Karlo-5

Don’t these photos make you want to pack up and head to Blue Moon Rising for a winter weekend with your mate? It looks so secluded and rustic, and fun, and they’re pet-friendly- I love that!

Special thanks to Laura and Brian for sharing their spectacular photos with us, and to Karlo for submitting them to Fit for a Bride!

I could not be happier about my partnership with Two Bright Lights, which allows me to bring REAL wedding photos to the blog! We’ve spent a lot of time focusing on the “fit” part of wedding planning, but let’s face it: the wedding, the photos, the engagement- that’s what a bride really wants to see! So stayed tuned for more =]

Have you ever considered snowy engagement photos?

Do you plan to include your pup in your photos?

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    Great post, thanks for the Blue Moon Rising mention! Love your mission!

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