Sweet Summer Days on Carolyn Avenue

Let’s face it, “vacay” is a thing of the past, at least for now but I like to pretend we’re at a fancy beach resort in our backyard every now and then anyway!

I log off work at 4:30 and head right out with both kids — into the sun with my beach hat and a tropical drink (sometimes! 😏). We splash in the water and search for plastic fish with our net, and spirt each other with water guns when it gets too hot! I figure if I swing around this fun beach bag it makes it all the more real right?! 😂

Honestly though… these *are* the days. They are long and exhausting, sure — and times are certainly quite different without our “tribe” of babysitters and grandparents and friends swarming around (per COVID) but it’s not all bad!

In fact, days like today (albeit how exhausted I feel!) I am reminded they’re really, really good. What a luxury to have this backyard oasis within steps of where we work and lay our heads at night! And what a gift to have the leisure time for these sorts of things, and most importantly, each other to experience it with.

In my exhaustion I hope I never lose sight of this. I grip and complain (ugh, quarantine!) but in fact, if I lean in and look closely, there have never been any better summer days than these! ❤️

This swimsuit is old and the hat is from Marshall’s! The bag is from Five Below and my jean shorts are also old (aerie). I’ll like our patio and favorite outdoor toys though!

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