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It’s no surprise a lot of us are spending more time in the kitchen with most restaurants closed or only offering carry-out. Personally, I’ve enjoyed eating “in” more often and saving money forgoing places like Starbucks, but it can be a ton of work to cook three meals a day, especially for a family of four! These kitchen gadgets make my life a lot easier which is why I wanted to share them here with you!

You’ll notice a big emphasis on coffee on this list because, duh. Lol. Coffee snobs unite, the Nespresso is the creme de la creme of coffee machines and for good reason–the frothy, tasty coffees come out at the perfect temperature in the perfect amount and have the absolute best flavor! (You won’t look at your Starbucks the same, I promise!)

I didn’t want to spend $100 for the Nespresso-brand milk frother so I opted for this $14 manual one from Target instead and it’s perfect! I heat a little milk for one minute and then pump to froth it (you could use almond milk, coconut milk or any variety), then pour it on top and volia, you’ve got a coffee-shop style latte to start your day!

While we’re on the topic of coffee… I’m also loving this cold brewer from Target! It’s super easy to use — you mix the coffee right in with the water then push the grinds to the bottom through a strainer and the end result is perfectly smooth, grain-free cold brew! It’s a great pick-me-up in the afternoon and a little goes a long way!

I love cold brew because it’s quick and easy but if I’m feeling motivated, I’ll go for the ultimate coffee treat: dalgona coffee, also known as whipped coffee! This is where the immersion blender comes in handy– the trick with daglona is mixing the instant coffee with a high-powered mixer (not a whisk) and continuing to do it for at least 5 minutes to get the light, fluffy finished product. An immersion blender is also great for making soups and homemade condiments. I love this soup recipe, that you can finalize with a blender like this.

If you follow on Instagram, you’ve definitely seen the easy egg maker in action — it’s amazing! It cooks hard boiled eggs perfectly (seven in about 15 minutes) and omelettes too (my favorite) — I love that it’s small, easy to use, clean and store.

I’m also including the Air Fryer we got for Christmas because GUYS! Dinner has never been easier! It’s especially good for the kid’s meals, like frozen french fries, frozen pizzas, and fish sticks, but it’s also great for cooking poultry (chicken in 12 minutes) and my favorite: frying frozen vegetables for a crispy, tasty texture. (Personally not a fan of mushy vegetables!)

… and of course, an electric wine opener cause I’ve never been good with a manual one. Lol.bIn fact, I’ve been known to shop for wines through the filter of “twist top” – haha! This solves that problem!

You can shop any of these items directly from the links below!

What’s your must-have kitchen gadgets?

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