Throwback Thursdays: The Old Me (and GG too!)

Most of you know I’m on Instagram a lot. I love the community and I’m kind of obsessed with taking pictures anyway. I recently figured out that the hashtag #tbt stands for “throwback Thursday,” and people use it when they post old photos! I thought it’d be fun to bring this tradition to the blog!
I’ve been wanting to share more about my own weight loss story anyway, and photos from the past are great for that! Plus, my trainer says it’s good to look back at photos of the old me, rather than look at the “skinny pics,” because it shows a.) how far I’ve come and b.) what I am working so hard to avoid.

Here’s a throwback of myself and the twins from sophomore year in High School!

(I wasn’t kidding when I said I was the big girl in the group!)


How hilarious are those matching shoe laces and head band? I was trying SO hard to match! Ha!

(Oh and by the way, the girl on the far left is the twins older sister, Juju!)

Can you believe that was me? Times have changed!

Do you participate in #tbt?

Do you find it motivating to look at old pictures of yourself?

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  1. Tiffany wrote:

    I enjoy looking at old pictures of myself. Forces me to look and say I’m never going back to that place. Although some pictures from high school made me realize I wasn’t as big as I imagined,it was after that I became bigger.

    Posted 2.2.13 Reply