Trying Soul Cycle in New York City

Hello friends! I finally have a free minute to talk about my weekend! You may have seen on Instagram that I was in New York with my husband’s family. I had a fabulous time and wanted to share my experience trying Soul Cycle cause I absolutely loved it! To sum it up, Soul Cycle made me feel…

HAPPY! The studio was happy – it was bright white with yellow and pink accents everywhere – there was good-smelling candles and badass apparel! The instructors and receptionists were happy, the other cyclers were happy (happy and nice), even the music was happy! It was just a happy and happenin’ place to be on a Saturday morning in New York City. I loved it! I seriously felt like I could spend the entire day there, it was just so nice! Here’s my lingering and goofing around on a bike after class – the endorphins were flowing!


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When we arrived, we got cycling shoes that clipped onto the bike for class. They were really sturdy and definitely made my feet feel more secure!


While the studio was bright and airy, the actual cycling room was dark and I loved that they had candles lit around the instructor’s bike. It really set the mood! They kept the lights dim during class and it made for a really cool atmosphere. I love those little details that make me forget I’m working out!


The class itself was awesome – it was high energy and fun!!! It didn’t feel like an hour of hard work at all (even though it was)! We started off with a little meditation and then dove right into some tough runs! We did push-ups and side-to-side twists on the bike during songs, which was really hard (but fun)! It felt great to move with the music – not only our feet but our upper bodies, too!

About halfway through the class, we switched gears, grabbed some hand weights and did a little arm work! I was only holding 2.5 lb weights in each arm but all the pumping up and down, side to side, and to the back, had me really feeling the burn! We went back to cycling for about 2 (maybe 3) more songs and before you knew it, the hour was up! It was really exhilarating and I got a major sweat!

I nearly stumbled out of the cycling room back into the lobby, but somehow made my way downstairs to the locker room, where I was very pleasantly surprised to find it was outfitted with lotion, face wash, hair spray and deodorant! There were also laundry bags for our sweaty wet clothes! It felt so lux! 🙂


Once we got cleaned up we headed back upstairs to hang out and snap a few photos.


We took several photos outside in front of the Soul Cycle sign, too!

Check out my husband’s cousin Tori… She’s a dancer and we captured this on the first try! She’s amazing!


Overall, it was a great weekend and I really enjoyed doing something fun and active during the trip! If you’re ever in New York, I definitely recommend stopping by Soul Cycle for a feel-good sweat!


Also, I’ve heard some rumors that Soul Cycle might be coming to Georgetown. I’m going to go ahead and put it out there that I’d LOVE to teach at one of these studios one day! If and when they open their doors around here, I’m showing up to find out how I can get onboard! 😉

Have you ever done Soul Cycle?

Did you enjoy it? 

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  1. Naomi S wrote:

    let me know if SoulCycle opens up here in DC. I’ll try out a class with you!

    Posted 5.2.14 Reply
  2. Naomi S wrote:

    let me know if SoulCycle opens up here in DC. I’ll try out a class with you!

    Posted 5.2.14 Reply
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    Posted 4.24.17 Reply