Two Years Today: It’s the Small Stuff

Today is my two-year wedding anniversary! I cannot believe it’s been two years– we remember it like it was yesterday! I wrote a very sentimental and well-thought-out post last year, on our first anniversary, but for today, my sentiments are short and sweet. Simply put, it’s the small stuff.

It’s sort of ironic that when you’re gearing up for marriage, you go crazy planning this big elaborate event that involves everyone you know, friends and family; your favorite colors and fun, often time-consuming details (like heart straws, for instance). You have this huge explosion of love and joy and utter happiness that day– all your hard work paid off, and then the sweet reward of a honeymoon.

Then what?

For some of us, it’s moving in together, learning each other’s nuisances, and getting in a routine. For others, it’s life as usual. The grandness of the day never really wears off. (You’ve probably noticed as I still parade our wedding photos!) But, those bold declarations of love– the vows, the serenades, the chiavari chairs, they do eventually fade. Of course, the PLACE where they come from (your partner’s heart) doesn’t, but in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the love dares aren’t always abounding.

I have learned, however, that if you look close enough, they’re still there– they’re just more subtle. And two, four, six years in, they’re what really count. Sure, the proposal, the engagement, the wedding– it’s all so over-the-top and wonderful… every girl should experience it (truly). But at the end of the day, love, is really in the small stuff.

This proves especially true for us these days. Between school, blogging, girl’s nights, and family obligations, etc., time together is rare. Today, for instance, we won’t have much at all (Aaron goes to class straight from work). It’s all good though. Know why? Because Aaron made a small, sweet gesture this morning that reminded me of all the love declarations past, and the bright future ahead: he brought me coffee in bed. (Something only my mom does, and I love it.)

He woke me up, literally, by handing me a cup of jo.

And I love my morning coffee.


That’s love, ya’ll. Plain and simple. 

Do you agree that marriage is about the small stuff? 

What are some small things that have happened between you and your mate? 

*Photos by the lovely and talented Meredith Perdue.

**UPDATE: Just as I posted this, I heard the doorbell!!! It was Aaron with tulips and peppermint patties (two of my very favorite things)!!!

We have dinner reservations at 7:30!!!! The surprises may never end 🙂

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  1. Love this post! It sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary – I hope dinner was tasty too!

    Posted 4.11.13 Reply
  2. Debbie wrote:

    Happy anniversary. The small stuff is the sweetest.

    Posted 4.11.13 Reply