Weight Loss Success Story: Cris of Kiss My Tulle {Part 2}

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We’re finishing up getting the scoop from Cris of Kiss My Tulle on how she lost a total of 40 lbs for her wedding day!


Cris Kiss My Tulle

I asked Cris to talk about her diet and exercise regimen since we all know those are the key components to a healthier lifestyle. Here’s what she had to say:

What program or method did you decide to use to help you lose weight? What made you chose that particular path?

I got an elliptical machine of my own and started reading fitness magazines (starting with chick-friendly Fitness and Shape and eventually moving up to the more hardcore Oxygen). I did hour-long workouts at home and experimented with incorporating high impact interval training into my cardio and learning how to lift weights properly. Then, after seeing the photo of me at Amanda’s wedding, I joined My Fitness Pal and started logging every single thing that I ate into its calorie calculator. I religiously stuck to my daily allotted calories and the weight started peeling off. I was starting to see the muscle under the fat.

Did anyone do it with you?

Nope. I started off with my sister but 98% of what I have done has been me, myself, and I. I do have a great group of supporters on My Fitness Pal and sometimes, The Boy goes to the gym with me. But this journey has been mine alone.

KMT 11

When you started, did you love it immediately or was it difficult to adjust to?

Going from zero to 100 is ALWAYS difficult, but I never followed a specific diet – I learned to slowly eliminate “bad” foods, add “good” foods, and portion control. Using My Fitness Pal was a huge help. When I go out to eat, I can plugin menu options before I order and see exactly how many chicken wings I can enjoy without going over my calorie limit for the day. That was a big thing for me.

I refuse to live my life eating only boneless, skinless chicken breasts and barley – I want to enjoy everything… just in moderation.

Kiss My Tulle Cake

What are some food “staples” that held you through? 

Berries – I could eat them all day.

Spicy Feta Burgers – a recipe from an old issue of Oxygen magazine that I make with deer meat. The Boy LOVES this and I make it at least once a week.

The Big Salad – Elaine knew what she was doin’. Add whatever veggies float your boat and a bit of grilled chicken. Yum.

Hard Boiled Eggs – I do a dozen every shopping day and snag one when I’m hungry but don’t want or can’t have a whole meal.

BumbleBee Lemon Pepper Tuna + Crackers – This was a go-to when I worked outside my house. No mayo and tons of taste.

Wedding Fruit

Did you join a gym or workout at home? What was your exercise regime like?

No gym or set program for me. I tried to do a half hour of cardio (steady rate on Tuesdays and Thursdays and HIIT on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) plus half hour to 45 minutes of strength training (alternating upper body one day and lower body another) every day.

Do you have a favorite exercise or body part that you like to work? 

I discovered that I love strength training – specifically my shoulders and biceps. Those are the muscle groups that showed results the fastest. Plus, I love being the weight room now with all those guys. I can lift more than some of them now!

Were your family and friends aware of your diet and exercise routine?

Everyone was aware and while they said they were supportive – they weren’t all the time. I got lots of “too skinny” comments and remarks from my side of the family, but The Boy has been supportive from the beginning. He was on board (not happily but he did it) when I started cooking healthier at home, when I began eliminating foods from our cabinets and fridge, and he joined a gym with me.


What did you learn that you’re trying to incorporate in your newlywed life? 

It’s really important to talk about your health with your partner. The Boy knew my goals and expectations and why they were important to me. That allowed us to have a frank discussion about our goals together and to see if we what changes we needed to make to our health to make them happen. It was eye-opening.

I’m truly, truly honored that Cris agreed to answer my questions and share all of her lovely wedding photos! She responded to my inquiry with enthusiasm and this was back before I even started the blog! Thank you for that, Cris! Congratulations on your marriage and I hope we’ll continue to be blog buddies! I’d love to have you post again at the end of #12MoF, and maybe we can even collaborate on a post-wedding weight-loss journey!

Did I mention I want that spicy veggie burger recipe?! Sounds delish! =)

Thanks for reading this, Fit for a Bride friends!

Please comment: give Cris a high-five, visit her blog, and email me if you have a similar story to share.

*All Images Courtesy of Miranda Laine Photography

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  1. Stephanie wrote:

    So inspiring! I love that she shared of few of her go-to foods.. not going to lie, I totally just made lemon pepper tuna (though I did add a BIT of mayo!) thanks to her list! And you should totally get the recipe for that feta burger and share it. 😉

    Posted 1.8.13 Reply