We’re having a …


>>> BOY! <<<


We popped two balloons because we figured, hey, photo ops!

Plus, it was a good thing because when the first balloon popped nobody knew whether it was a boy or girl! The confetti was pretty small and there were a lot of yellow specks — yellow usually means neutral! Of course, I looked down, saw light blue and yellow and knew, DUH! BOY! Obviously pink is the only color that indicates girl so I knew right away. You can see my reaction on Instagram.

Last week I also got this really strong feeling that I was having a boy. It was after a workout, as I was headed to my car, I thought to myself, me and my little man just got our workout on! And I just knew. It’s a boy. I thought it might be a boy earlier in the pregnancy but last week I knew it was. There was no convincing me otherwise. Crazy that I know there’s such thing as a motherly instinct now, too!

The second balloon burst into blue glitter and we all knew! I also love Aaron’s face in the photos from that one. What a great time!!!


So, what’s my reaction? I think my smile in the photo below about sums it up!


I’m thrilled!

I can’t wait to meet my mini Aaron!!!!!

A full recap of our gender reveal party is coming up later!

Where you team blue or pink? 

Do you have a preference for yourself, boy or girl? 

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