West Elm Dupes: Get the Mid-Century Look for Less

I’m not kidding when I say purchasing a couch is up there on my list of ‘hard things’ alongside having a baby! Lol. No, but seriously… why is picking a couch so hard? The prices definitely don’t make it easy – couches aren’t cheap – and they aren’t easily brought in/out of our homes either! It’s not like you can swap a couch in the blink of an eye, which makes choosing one quite the commitment!

This is probably why we didn’t shop for a couch after moving into our first single family home until 2 years later. I had a newborn when we moved in and whatever furniture we had from our condo would have to do for awhile! It’s really exciting to finally be at the point that we’re styling this space the way we’d like, but it doesn’t come without a lot of hard decision making!

We live in a 1950s home in Fairfax, Virginia and I knew I wanted to veer from my usual french country style to a more mid-century modern (minimalist) decor in this house.

Anyone who thinks ‘mid-century’ almost immediately thinks ‘West Elm’ and I’ll admit every time I’ve walked into one, I’ve loved the vibe and all the displays… that is, until I check the price tag!

One of the first pieces that drew my attention was the West Elm Hamilton. It’s an iconic, cognac-colored genuine leather sofa that has a super modern sophisticated feel. Our kitchen cabinets are a similar color and I’ve always envisioned the Hamilton in our den with a lot of black and white accents.

To be totally honest — we were THIS close to going for and spending upwards of $2,000 to make this vision come to life but I read a lot of negative reviews on Instagram about delivery delays and damages to the sofa upon arrival — and a lack of good customer service, so that made me nervous and also made me decide to look elsewhere!

Enter: WayFair!

Goodness guys. I couldn’t believe it as I started down the rabbit hole of Wayfair – they have EVERYTHING! Aaron said, “it’s like the Amazon of furniutre!” haha. So true!

They have so many different styles, many of which are almost an exact duplicate of the pieces we wanted from West Elm! I rounded up my favorites below, beginning with — you guessed it, a dupe of the Hamilton! Can you believe this?? It’s practically identical!

I hope this helps others who want the same look for less!

Before/after of the den coming soon!

A note that most of the dupes are from Wayfair and reflect Memorial Day sale prices, which will likely fluctuate in the future. I also estimated West Elm prices based on their Memorial Day sale.

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Where do you shop for furniture?

Have you bought anything from West Elm or Wayfair?

What was your experience?

Good luck, if you’re searching for a couch, too! It’s not an easy decision for sure but try to enjoy the fun of shopping around!

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