What To Do if You’re Worried about Wedding Day Photos

Hey guys! I’m really excited about today’s post because it’s been on my mind forever: we’re going to talk about how to deal with being the center of attention on your wedding day and facing the camera when you might be self-conscious about your weight or other factors. I’ve heard anxieties ranging from “I’m taller than my husband” to “I hate my arms,” and there’s nothing worse than seeing those fears manifested in a photo!
Women spend a lot of time and money on their wedding, and they literally think about (and prepare for) that one day for months, sometimes years… after all that time invested, you deserve to want the pictures to be pleasing to you! I think that’s why it’s important to hire a good photographer, but beyond that, it might be a good idea to start to get comfortable in front of the camera and maybe do these other things, as well:

1. Find Things You Like

This has been my mantra lately – to find things I like about myself and the things I do well. Silently noticing things you like about yourself may divert your attention from the things you don’t like about yourself. I think as women, we tend to set really high expectations for ourselves (I love this article on how to stop striving for perfection), and we constantly compare ourselves to other women. With the multitude of real weddings online, it amplifies this problem. Think about the things that are unique to YOU and channel those when you’re in front of the camera and looking at photos of yourself.

2. Talk to your photographer.

If you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera, it’s really important for you to get to know your photographer. Being the center of a stranger’s attention isn’t fun, but hanging out with a friend, who knows you, knows your fears and some of your insecurities is a totally different story! If your photographer doesn’t live close by and you can’t meet for coffee, try emailing or skyping a bit with them so that you feel like you know them! I also suggest expressing to him or her your fears – the camera adds 10 lbs whatever you’re worried about! – and give them a chance to make you feel more comfortable! I can guarantee that just them knowing, is going to improve the session a ton for the both of you!


3. Find Colors that Flatter your Skin Tone.

There’s a fun quiz on Seventeen that will tell you what your colors are and if that’s not enough, there’s an entire industry dedicated to helping women find their perfect shade! Play around with colors others think look best on you and then, get out there and try something new. I wear a lot of black, from years of being overweight and knowing ‘black slims, white widens,’ but when I started adding soft colors to my wardrobe, I quickly realized they are much more flattering; I’m so fair skinned, black looks pretty harsh on me! I feel great in color, too and it looks great in pictures! What color do you feel good in?

4. Makeup, Hair, Accessories.


I’ll never forget the first time I wore red lipstick! I wanted to write an entire book about the experience because it was phenomenal! I know that sounds dramatic but I’m serious: for me, it was life changing! I felt empowered and pretty! Like, really pretty! I had always been completely terrified to wear lipstick, especially red, it’s quite bold after all, but when I tried a sample in the store, I knew it looked good. I decided to buy it and wear it out, and let me tell you, I walked out with a new fierce attitude! I felt hot hot hot! Lipstick does wonders. There’s more drastic measures you can take with makeup, too, like wearing false lashes. I don’t recommend anything too over-the-top on your wedding day because you won’t look natural, but individual lashes are a nice, subtle change that makes a big impact. Explore hair and makeup ideas that will boost your confidence on your wedding day.

Oh, and are you a gold or silver gal? I wore sterling silver my whole life, but I’ve been buying more gold pieces lately and I love them! The new tint gives me a totally new look and I like it! Try accessorizing differently and see if that doesn’t give you a confidence boost in front of the camera.


5. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Alright, this might sound silly, but here’s what I suggest: ask your best friend or mom to take some practice shots of you and your hunny before your scheduled engagement session (or wedding)! Figure out what poses you feel most comfortable in – sitting? standing? maybe him sitting and you standing, or vice versa? Test it out! Same goes for number 3 & 4; Don’t wear a new shade of lipstick or wear coral you’ve never worn it before on the day of your photo shoot! Make sure that once you find what you love, you get in some time feeling the love in it beforehand!

matt&shelby-2 copy

6. Do Something That Makes You Happy.

Of course, on your wedding day you’ll be glowing, but if you’re thinking about engagement photos, plan your shoot around you doing something that makes you happy so that happiness comes through the photos. It might feel awkward and forced if you’re walking around a park and looking at each other – cause you probably wouldn’t usually do that, right? It won’t look natural if it isn’t natural… This is why I love love love featuring CrossFit engagements because they couples are doing what they LOVE and you can totally see it!

What tips or tricks have you used to get comfortable in front of the camera? 

Do you have any wedding photo worries? 

Tonya Beaver Photography via Two Bright Lights / Taken by Sarah via Two Bright Lights (See this full gorgeous wedding here!) / Maggie Conley via Style Me Pretty

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