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We haven’t had a workout of the week in awhile!

How about a few mountain climbers?


Mountain Climbers are awesome because you can do them anywhere (I’m in the stairwell of my apartment in the photo above) and to do them, you don’t need any equipment! They also engage muscles throughout your entire body, including:

Core– The transversus abdominis, nicknamed the “corset muscle,” which is the deepest layer of abdominal muscles. Many argue you can’t get flat abs without working the transversus abdominis. These muscles stabilize the spine.

Mountain climbers also work the rectus abdominus, which are the top, front layer muscles of the abdominal (think six-pack); these are the muscles we feel when we do crunches.  

Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps– The starting position for mountain climbers is a plank and as many of you know, the chest, shoulders, and triceps (and core!) support your body weight in a plank. During the first set of mountain climbers you may not feel these muscles, but I guarantee that after a few sets, the burn will kick in!  

Gluteus Maximus, Quadriceps and Hamstrings–  These muscles work to push the legs forward. Most of us know the trunk muscles are the biggest in the human body. In crossfit last week, the instructor called the glutes and quads “monsters.” They’re very powerful!

I suggest imagining these “monsters” doing the majority of the work. Your chest and shoulders will fatique during this exercise, but if you shift your weight back a little, engage your core, and use your glutes and quads, you’ll feel a difference and likely be able to push yourself a little further.

Mountain Climbers are a form of calisthenics, which is defined as simple, rhythmic exercise movements that utilize body weight. This workout is made up of several common calisthenic exercises:


 You can probably tell that I’m trying to incorporate more in-depth information in this post! As you may know, I’m studying for the National Academy of Sports Medicine personal training certificate, and applying the book knowledge to actual exercise routines is very helpful! I hope you enjoy the added info!

Let me know what you think of this routine! It’s a tough one, but it’s also only 10 minutes!


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  1. Sarah Loomes wrote:

    Ughhh Mountain climbers are the worst…

    Posted 4.24.13 Reply
    • Sara wrote:

      They are so rough, right? I did them with my trainer yesterday after posting this! I guess it was only fair! He actually added a resistance band to my ankles and they were so. much. harder.

      Posted 4.24.13 Reply