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If there are two things that are fairly consistent in my world they’re workouts and salads. I love both — can’t live without either! Add my hubby to the equation and I’ve got pretty much all I need in this world! So, workout and salad recaps may become a regular thing around here…
Last week’s workouts were crazy hard – and I mean, HARD. It may have something to do with the fact that we took 2 weeks off around Christmas (though, we did walk a lot of walking in Florence), or it may just be the fact that we do CrossFit, which, in the words of one of guys at my box, “It’s always hard, right?” Indeed it is!

We started back at CrossFit last Saturday and ironically, it was one of the toughest workouts I’ve ever seen at our box:


400 m Run
100 Double Unders (equivalent to 300 single unders)
90 Air Squats
80 Walking Lunges
70 Step Ups (20”)
60 Toes to Bar
50 Pushups
40 Pullups
30 Box Jumps (20”)
20 Burpees
10 Pistols

I was incredibly nervous about this workout and during the warm-up, I wasn’t feeling it at all! There wasn’t much time to freight though because it was a really short warm-up since the first part of the workout is pretty much a warmup itself. When we started, I just took it one step at a time. I finished in about 35 minutes and must say, felt great afterward! I felt accomplished. It felt good to be back and to be able to complete such a monster workout.

Monday’s salad club salad was delicious! I used a lot of spinach and as you can see, added a hard boiled egg. One of our members always brings in hard boiled eggs when it’s her week to provide. This little bit of extra protein goes such a long way and I love adding anything new to my weekly salad staples!


Monday night’s WOD was Deadlifts 3X5 @ 80% (3 rounds of 5 reps at 80 percent of your one rep max). I had never worked to my max so I did that instead, and maxed out at 205 lbs, which, yes, was very heavy! I attribute part of my success with this heavy of a weight to the coach assisting me, Brandy. She was really encouraging and kept a close eye on my form. She was telling me to push my knees out, which helped a ton, and was just generally hyped for me to do my best! Thanks Brandy!

I LOVED the workout afterward. Clean and jerks are my ish!!!


5 tuck jumps and 2 clean and jerks every minute on the minute for 8 minutes. I did the women’s Rx weight of 85 lbs and felt great.


Tuesday night I had the house to myself because Aaron had class and so, naturally, I made a massive salad for dinner (I get to do that when I do have to cook for two)! The base was artisan lettuce and I topped it with all sorts of delicious random throw-ins like sunflower seeds, oranges, and goat cheese. I used a little Asian Sesame dressing on top, and it was delicious!

2014-01-16_0004I’ve been using the Chrome filters for pictures and I like how bright it makes everything look! 

Wednesday night we were back for more CrossFit, and while the workout looked pretty simple on paper (Aaron even commented, “it doesn’t look like we do anything”) it was the hardest workout EVER! It was so hard, guys, OMG. I’ve never felt so behind and so defeated and so weak all at once!

AMRAP 3 minutes: Ground to shoulder weighted ball (50 lbs). Immediately followed by 2 Rounds of 15 man makers (no squat) and 30 kettlebell swings.

The ground to shoulder weighted ball was basically hoisting a 50 lb ball from the ground to your shoulder. I got 33 total in 3 minutes. Of course I was tired afterward and the manmakers were HARD. The Rx was 35 lbs for women (which is HEAVY! That’s one 35 lbs dumbbell in each hand!) but I did 25 lbs. I actually dropped down to 20 lbs for the second round just because I was SO exhausted and beat. There’s really no describing this workout — it was just hardcore!

For lunch on Thursday I had the best salad ever! The base was arugula and I topped it with strawberries, blueberries, pomegranates, avocados and goat cheese. It was more of a summer salad but it was delicious! I only used oil and vinegar for dressing, too, which meant I could really taste the flavor in the fruits and veggies. YUM.


Thursday was really cool because I got to pretend to be a personal trainer and train MY personal trainer, Larry! I typically workout with Larry twice a week at my work gym and I always love it because a.) his workouts are tough and b.) we talk about everything. I’ve shared my desire to become a personal trainer but Larry also knows how nervous I am and how hard it’s been to study for the nasm exam. He thought giving me the chance to train him – as if he were a new client – would be helpful and boy, was it ever! This is the workout I planned for us to do:

Of course I thought I’d write the workout on the board and we’d just do it, kind of like at CrossFit but noooooo. Larry was a “new” client and acted like he didn’t know anything! I had to describe and demo ALL the movements and answer he questions about WHY we were doing these particular exercises! It was definitely a lot harder than I expected and really gave me a better sense of what it would be like to be a personal trainer! This workout definitely wouldn’t be good for a new client!

On Friday I took leftover Salmon to work to add to my salad. I topped my salad with a bunch of chili lime tortilla strips, a half an avocado, and balsamic dressing. It was great!


Over the weekend I didn’t workout because I had a girl’s night event to help setup Saturday (and I did some blog-related projects), and Sunday night I got sick! Aaron went to CrossFit Monday but I still wasn’t feeling up to it; it kind of sucked because I felt like my whole day off from work was a bit wasted sleeping on the couch, but I think my body needed it. Yesterday the snow shutdown work and CrossFit, so I enjoyed another relaxing day at home with Aaron!

What have been your workouts lately?

What’s your favorite salad topping?

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