Eps 7: How a CrossFit Family Business Brought Sisters Health, Happiness & Love

April 2, 2019

Travel with us to Quakertown, PA to meet the coaches of CrossFit Q, Halie & Bri! When their father decided to open a box five years ago, the sister duo had no concept of all that CrossFit would bring to their lives, including love–enter, Kyle & Mark–members who became their boyfriends!

Bri, Mark, Halie and Kyle open up about life and love at CrossFit Q, sharing the highs and lows of running a small town business together. Listen how the sister duo has expanded the family business bringing their own unique talents to the table: Bri as a beauty vlogger, and Halie, through her online nutrition business.

You’ll walk away from this episode realizing CrossFit can do a lot more than change your physical appearance– it can create a lasting, generational impact that fosters family, community, hard work, and even love!

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