Eps. 5: Hitting Your CrossFit Peak During a Financial Low Point with Jim & Amy

Jim Gay ranked in the top 200 of the Age Group Online Qualifier during the 2018 CrossFit Open, almost earning a spot at the Games.

Listen how he was balancing his own CrossFit peak with a low-point at home, struggling for the first time to stay afloat in his private contracting business.

Jim opens up alongside Amy about how CrossFit served as an outlet and distraction. With four kids and a busy schedule, Jim & Amy remind us that when times are tough, turning on your partner doesn’t help; rather, allow them to lean into whatever is helping them cope, and trust that they have your best interest in mind as well. 

If you’re a family guy — or girl — looking to continue kicking ass at CrossFit, but have a lot on your plate and a busy schedule that leaves little time for your relationship, listening to these two will give you a boost! 

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  1. I just listened to all 41 minutes and 31 seconds of this interview with Amy and Jim Gay. It was good to hear their voices and get a feel for their lives. Amy’s father is my first cousin, Michael Lee, and we grew up close together in Mississippi. Michael’s mother was my father’s sister. The last time I saw Amy was in 1985 and she was a little girl then. I have been close to her parents, Michael and her mother, Dena. They visited us in Belize in 2010. So Amy is my first cousin once removed. Anyway, just thought I’d write and let you all know somebody listed to ALL of this and commented. Keep up … everything you are doing!

    Posted 4.23.19 Reply