My Favorite MONAT Products


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The Best MONAT Products for Every Hair Type!

Rejuvabeads Splitend Mender 

Rejuvabeads Splitend Mender was in my mom’s stocking at Christmas because it’s one of her favorite MONAT products! Space out those trims and give yourself healthier looking ends with this scientifically backed split-end serum that lasts forever! 

Deodorizing Spray

If you caught my day-in-the-life story on IG last year you might have seen Caden get car sick and this deodorizing spray come to the rescue! Although it’s marketed as a pet product, I use it to keep my van smelling fresh! 

Rejuveniqe Oil

The REJUVENIQE™ oil has 101 uses and it’s MONAT’s signature product! I use it for oil treatments, but it’s also been shown to heal psoriasis and even sunburns! 

Berry Refined Scrub & 30-Second Miracle

MONAT’s new skincare line has a lot to offer but the berry refined scrub and 30-second miracle (bottom left) are my two faves at the moment. The 30 second miracle cream is like topical botox and it works instantly to firm and smooth fine lines, just like a photo blurring tool, or Instagram filter! 

The “Champ” Dry Shampoo

As a mom I can’t live without dry shampoo; sometimes there’s just not enough time to wash my hair and it’s a spray-and-go day! And there’s no harmful chemicals or additives to worry about in this brand! 

Super Nourish Conditioner

I recently switched to the super nourish conditioner and I’m not looking back! I apply it from my ears down and my hair is silky, soft and smooth after a wash. I also use it on Caden and his curls are GORGEOUS after– soft, manageable, bouncy and beautiful! 

Double-Hydrating Serums

Last but not least, the double-hydrating serums! This gentle leave-in treatment packs a punch, restoring dull lifeless hair for vibrancy, bounce and shine. 

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