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Let me start of by saying I have the most patient husband in the world! No really… he sat in the middle of Lilly Pulitzer while I played dress-up in the fitting room… then handed me his credit card to “buy both” when I couldn’t pick between the pink and blue dress. (Um, pinch me!)

I couldn’t make this up if I tried! At 10 years married I honestly know and feel (and am constantly reminded) that I’m the luckiest lady alive! I couldn’t have dreamed up such a special day together, let alone adding in a little time for me to nurture my blog with a Pulitzer try-on haul!

I put on my Whitney Rife hat for this one and instead of walking into the dressing room with a bunch of mismatched items, I pulled together a few outfits to try. I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the long beach shawl was, but I knew I wanted to buy something with the signature bright colors and prints that Lilly Pulitzer is known for… so, I went all out! I got a dress, matching bag, and even a matching mask and chain. The women working there assured me (and Aaron) there’s no such thing as too matchy-matchy; especially not in Lilly Pulitzer’s world!

Lily Pulitzer Dress Blue 2.jpg

Lily Pulitzer Dress Blue 1.jpg

ChillyLilly Nadine Dress

{Wearing an XL}

Lily Pulitzer Swimsuit 2.jpg

Palma One-Piece Swimsuit | Scheena Midi Caftan Cover-Up

{Wearing sz 14 in the swimsuit; L/XL in the cover-up}

Lily Pulitzer Dress Pink 1.jpg

ChillyLilly Nadine Dress

{Wearing an XL}

Lily Pulitzer Pants 1.jpg

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{Pants + top are sz XL; note that the pants are quite long}

This was certainly and anniversary that I won’t forget!

I can’t wait to wear my new pieces when we go to Mexico in June!

We haven’t traveled in over a year, and it’s going to be even more special now that I have a beautiful outfit to mark the occasion!

Do you have any pieces from Lilly Pulitzer?

Do you like bold prints, or go for more neutral tones?

Lilly Pulitzer Favorites.png

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