CrossFit Couple Workouts

August 19, 2014


I’m working on a special project with a photographer friend that will depict a pre-wedding CrossFit-style workout for the bride, groom and entire wedding party; it’s going to be awesome!

As part of that I’ve been brainstorming workouts and CrossFit moves that relate to marriage, a wedding, and couples and it’s seriously a fun exercise! (Haha. Get it? Oh, how I love the puns!)

So, whether you’re planning a pre-wedding workout, couples workout or actual wedding WOD, consider any of these awesome approaches to making working out, wedding-relevant!

WOD 1 “The proposal”

Cause he got on bended knee to pop the question! 

Now you’ll both be doing knee taps with alternating lunges across the gym (10 meters each way) carrying a bumper plate and building a “cake” on the other end!

Lunge in both directions, one direction carrying a plate that you leave stacked at one end, and one direction empty handed (on the way back).

WOD 2 “[Med]ball and Chain”

The old ball and chain! 

Therefore, with a partner:

Repeat three times for a serious workout!

WOD 3 “Teamwork”

A married couple must be able to work together!

Like a three-legged race, tie your legs together and perform the following stationary exercises:

For a good laugh, you could try to complete a burpee together!

Also, check out the graphic below of movements that you can correlate to aspects of marriage below! Use these to create your own wedding WOD!



Are you planning a pre-wedding or wedding WOD? 

What CrossFit moves would you say have to do with marriage? 

Photo by Katie Nesbitt

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  1. Cherie B. says:

    possibly one of the best posts on CF I’ve ever read!

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