Fit Bride, Cherie: Running to the Aisle // A Fitness Plan Update

CHERIE-3I promised I would get back to you all on my current fitness endeavors leading up to the big day and I think I’ve finally got it down in terms of following a healthy routine that’s not only challenging me but allowing me to get adequate rest compared to my previous over-workings!
When designing a strategic workout plan it’s important to keep a few things in mind: do you have time to me a routine (scheduling it makes it more manageable)? Are you willing to try new things? Are you taking rest days? While it can be more than exciting to complete challenges and goals, it’s important that you keep the overall aspect of your fit living in check. Don’t be afraid to ask for some support from friends and maybe even enlist the company of a friend. Just a week of running with my roommate helped me build the confidence back up to pick up running again and feel good about it. With that being said, here’s what my routine looks like:


Monday + Wednesday – 6am-8am

While I don’t spend the entire length actually working, I do commit myself to this time frame in terms of waking up consistently and eating a healthy breakfast beforehand. I start off the morning with a 1 to 1.5 mile run before knocking out a strength circuit that will include up to 3 exercises in 3 rounds. Around 7am I get set up for yoga – it is oh so good! The combination of deep stretches and challenging core week helps me stay limber and strong through out the week!

Tuesday + Thursday – 4pm-6pm

Around 4, I head over to the local wellness center where I will spend up to 30 minutes doing cardio splits (a combination of 10 minutes on the elliptical + running + stair stepper) or I will do HIITS and tabata to keep my metabolism revved up. Right after, I hit the weights for no more than 15 minutes. After a 15 minute break and water refuel I head into the studio to get my gfx time on. I absolutely love the versatility of teaching and what it does for me both physically and mentally. While I don’t workout with my students the entire time, I do show the formatting, cardio skills, and more! It’s a quick way to stay active and make a difference.


Fridays are for resting!

By Friday, I’m usually pooped – unless I have something busy planned for the weekend, I’ll use this day to rest up.


Saturday + Sunday

Depending on how much time I have, the weekend usually looks like quite the mix up. I’ll go for a casual run or try out a new routine I stumbled across on Pinterest. When I’m visiting home I’ll go for a test run of a ballet barre class or even a challenging step aerobics class. Weekends are for fun things, so why not make you workout part of the deal!


*a note on running*

If you remember from my weight loss story, running was once a big part of my fitness journey. For the most part, I ran the weight off before I realized I wasn’t balancing my run time correctly. After a little mishap with a shoe choice and a slight joint injury I took some time off. A couple of weeks as ordered by the doctor turned in a year. It’s a little heart aching to know I’ve neglected running for so long since it once was such a big deal to me, but I’m proud to announce running and I have once joined forces!! I love how it makes me feel and even my man said I was happier when I got in “my daily run.” It’s always worth a try!

Remember: be brave and take risks in your workout routine! Your body loves to be consistent but shaking things up helps keep things fresh from time to time.

I’ll stay in touch with my running updates, so be on the lookout for posts here and there. Overall, it’s an exciting opportunity to slim down and de-stress before the big day.

I hope this helps in your fitness planning. I know there are a million options in figuring out what works for you. Just remember – it’s not meant to be overwhelming but fun and even a little adventurous. Don’t be afraid to reach out! I would love to help in any way I can. 




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