How to Make Dalgona Coffee Keto

Since early February I’ve been following a somewhat strict ketogenic diet (not always perfect) and so far, I’ve shed more than 10 lbs — yay! I feel great, my will power is up (meaning sweets aren’t as tempting) and I’m actually enjoying tweaking meals and recipes to fit this new lifestyle.

Of course, the moment I saw this whipped coffee recipe (better known as dalgona coffee), I wanted in, but knew instantly that equal parts coffee and sugar was a no-go… coffee creamer is also off-the-table and I’d also be forgoing any whip or chocolate sauce (or bailey’s Irish cream liquor), sadly!

Here’s the recipe I’m using instead:

  • Folgers Instant Coffee
  • Stevia (packets- not the liquid variation)
  • Premier Protein Shake (Vanilla)

To keep it keto, I replaced the white sugar with zero-calorie sweetner. I use stevia but there’s several types available on the market these days it’s all about your taste preference. I use one packet of stevia in my morning coffee so I’m used to the taste and don’t mind it. I’ve had better luck with the packets than the liquid likely because the packet itself is a suggested serving size, I never know how much to use of the liquid!

I chose to pour the whipped coffee over premier protein instead of unsweetened almond milk (which is also keto-friendly) simply because I don’t mind the added protein (for it’s filling/staying power) and it’s sweeter! It’s actually pretty sweet on it’s own so need even less sugar in the coffee part. Instead of equal parts, I do 1.5 tablespoons of instant coffee and four packs of stevia.

The trick with this coffee is really all about using a high-powered mixing tool, i.e. an electric mixer (not just a whisk) and whipping it for a good 5 minutes; it makes a huge difference in the texture!

When I gave my husband a sip of this he goes, “Wow, it tastes like chocolate! You’re telling me this is keto??” Obviously if you choose to pour the whipped coffee over unsweetened almond (or coconut) milk, it won’t be as sweet!

Keep in mind one premier protein shake does have 4 grams of carbs, but I rarely use the entire shake! I’ve found half is the perfect amount to mix with the whipped portion for a sorta grande-size drink.

Full breakdown of the premier protein nutrition label below:

I went ahead and linked to all the products I use for this recipe below. Definitely let me know if you give it a try!

Have you heard of dalgona coffee?

Have you tried it yet?

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