My New Job, Capital Affiliate League, and New Friends

First: a confession– this will not be a perfect blog post! It’s 11 o’clock at night, I’m exhausted, have to wake up early and well, I’ve tried writing (and rewriting) this post a bunch of times the last few nights to no avail! The problem is my days are full and by the time I get around to blogging, it’s 11 o’clock at night, I’m exhausted… you get the idea!
But, I miss blogging! I miss you guys! And I wanted to check-in and share some updates from my life — my new job and Capital Affiliate League have kept me very, very busy!

So my job is great! (YAY!) I love it! My days are full and they go by fast, which I love. I’m also extremely enthusiastic about the work I’m doing (blessing!) because I get to create various publications from scratch: think, weekly newsletter, monthly magazine, BLOG! It’s right up my alley! 🙂

Of course it is challenging. There’s so much to do and learn and I’m still trying to get into a routine. My commute isn’t the best (40 minutes each way) but I could take the metro… I’m just being a wuss about the weather!

Besides work completely occupying my days, Capital Affiliate League has completely taken over my weekends! Competitions last anywhere between noon and 3 o’clock on Saturdays and there’s usually a get-together afterward. It’s been a commitment, but a fun one and I’ve made a bunch of new friends!

Here’s a photo of me (nervously) doing push press the first weekend of the competition.


Being totally honest: team CrossFit is a lot different than regular CrossFit!

Have you ever been on a CrossFit team? 

It’s great because there’s always someone there to do a movement you can’t, but it sucks to put so much stock on your small part of the workout. For me — a person who generally thinks way too much about what others think — the pressure is a little too intense! I think I might be more of a get-my-workout-on-to-feel-good kind of gal or, maybe someone who’d be better off doing an individual competition?

Regardless, I’m incredibly lucky to be on the CrossFit Adaptation team — they’re phenomenal and the pressure I feel to do well definitely doesn’t come from them! They’re so, so encouraging and a fun bunch. There’s also another team from CrossFit Adaptation competing in the league this season (and they’re so fun!) – talk about a little friendly competition! (Hope you guys don’t mind me putting you on my blog!)

CAL Teams

It’s funny because CrossFit Adaptation is the sister box of CrossFit Falls Church where I’ve been doing CrossFit the last 2 years, but I didn’t know any of these people before joining CAL! Yet, they’ve welcomed me onto their team with open arms (thanks to my friend Wendy speaking so highly of me – thanks Wendy!) and I’ve really enjoyed this new sense of community. More to love about CrossFit! YAY!

Did I mention everyone on my team is really good at CrossFit, too? Whether they’re crazy good at moving heavy weight quick (Ambrea), butterfly’ing the heck out of some pull-ups (Justin), or doing lightening fast burpees (Jim), everyone has something to bring to the table and I love that!

CAL Team

Aw, we’re cute! 🙂

The few small things I don’t love about CAL are that practices aren’t actual workouts. Typically the races are announced on Mondays and we meet on Wednesdays to strategize and practice, but we mostly strategize. Our meet-ups are pretty meh as far as tough workouts go and the same is true for the weekend competitions — I really only ever do ONE (maybe two) parts of a workout. For example, week one I did two sets of 15 push presses; week two I  did 20 goblet squats (that’s it!); and week three, 20 front squats. Combine those things and you’ve got a typical CrossFit WARM-UP! However, the intensity level does go up when you take into account the anxiousness and anticipation you feel on game day!

The practices and Saturday competitions have thrown-off my usual routine a bit too, but my routine has been kind of off anyway because of my new job. I think it’s probably a really good that I’m getting there. I’m doing something. (Period) Cause most days after work, I’m THIS CLOSE to skipping CrossFit. But guess what, I made it tonight and it was an actual workout (not a practice for one)! 100 burpees, ya’ll! I felt out-of-shape for sure!

CAL wraps up at the end of February so we’re halfway done already (I can’t believe it)! It’s been getting funnier each week so I’m looking forward to finishing out the season strong!

Please share you tips for team CrossFit or, how to better manage work, blogging, and workouts!

Have you ever done a team CrossFit competition? 

Do you have a hard time juggling blogging with your full-time job or other commitments?

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