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Eps. 9: Ashley & Jeremy of Adroit CrossFit: The Duo that Designed Virginia’s Most Stylish CrossFit Gym

May 2, 2019

Ashley & Jeremy aren’t your average CrossFit couple: they bring a unique swag to the grungy gym scene most of us know! The two didn’t flinch at opening a CrossFit gym of their own in 2017, but there was a twist: they had a unique vision to step out of the mold, and create a sleek fitness space, full-on with an all-white backdrop, LED lights,…

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His & Her Favorite Things (April)

May 1, 2019

HIS: CHEMEX: Aaron has a morning pour-over ritual with his chemex that he says it’s a slow ease into a busy non-stop day; we joke about his obsession to get coffee beans blended to a “sea salt” consistency, in the grinder 15 seconds max! RYOBI CORDLESS DRILL: We haven’t shared the full before/after of our home barn gym but it’s coming soon, and Aaron will…

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Eps. 8: Amanda & Austin: How an Almost Unread DM Turned into Real Romance!

April 25, 2019

You guys know the song, “it goes down in the DM,” but for an influencer, that’s usually not the case: fielding hundreds of messages a day, most get left unread and Amanda shares, they aren’t always nice— there’s a lot of internet bullies out there! But the stars aligned when Austin shot a message over to Manders, to stick up for her defending herself against…

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Eps 7: How a CrossFit Family Business Brought Sisters Health, Happiness & Love

April 2, 2019

Travel with us to Quakertown, PA to meet the coaches of CrossFit Q, Halie & Bri! When their father decided to open a box five years ago, the sister duo had no concept of all that CrossFit would bring to their lives, including love–enter, Kyle & Mark–members who became their boyfriends! Bri, Mark, Halie and Kyle open up about life and love at CrossFit Q,…

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Eps. 6: Evolving As a Couple After a CrossFit Games Win, Twins, & 10 Years of Marriage with Michaela & Craig North

March 14, 2019

Take a peak inside the life and marriage of CrossFit Games Team Champ, Michaela North and listen how she and husband, Craig have evolved in 10 years of marriage, surviving twins and some difficult times along the way. Michaela talks about how the couple discovered CrossFit and how they juggled the kids when she was training for the Games, as well how they divide and…

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BONUS: The CrossFit Open So Far & Our Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s Feud

March 7, 2019

Listen how relationship highs and lows are intertwined with this year’s CrossFit Open as we attempt to do all the workouts together! Also hear how we’re meal prepping to step away from fast food, wasting money, and aiming for weight loss, but run into a few pitfalls, including major taste differences and an ongoing grocery store feud! Are you team Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods?…

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