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January Goals

January 5, 2013

It’s Saturday! Happy weekend y’all! What are your plans? I’m super excited because Fit for a Bride is getting a little makeover today! My good friend and fellow Weddingbee blogger, Mrs. Wizard is going to spruce us up and I can’t wait! I’ll post to Facebook when the overhaul is complete! Be sure to let me know what you think! Now, you might be wondering…

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Unique Bridesmaid Gift: Custom Embroidered Yoga Mats

January 4, 2013

Unique Bridesmaid Gift: Custom Embroidered Yoga Mats It’s the first Friday of the year and I am beaming with joy over the love I felt during this first week of blogging Fit for a Bride! To be totally honest: I was scared to put myself out there and especially to share this link on Facebook! God is amazing, though, because he turned my worries into…

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Behind the Scenes {Fit for a Bride Studio Office} & How Your Living Space May be Affecting Your Health

January 3, 2013

Happy Friday eve, y’all! I’ve got a treat for today: a little behind-the-scenes look at my home office! Since this week has been about me sharing my life–my weight loss story, my wedding, and how I started blogging–I figured it’d be fun to share a glimpse of my living space! Aaron and I have lived in a small one-bedroom apartment since we got married (that’s almost 2 years…

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On Being Mrs. Brooch & Life as a Blogger

January 2, 2013

Hello again, friends! Are you loving two posts a day? I am! =] I’m probably just going to do it this week, though–to get through all the ‘about me’ stuff! So far we’ve covered starting this blog; me growing up overweight; and I shared our wedding photos. Now I wanna tell you how I get started blogging! Here’s the story: I started back in 2008 (wow- almost 5 years ago!)…

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My Wedding

You guys, seriously, wow! My heart is exploding at the outpouring of love I felt yesterday as I started blogging and introduced Fit for a Bride to the world! I can’t believe I have 36 ‘Likes’ on Facebook already! Yay! I’m really, really appreciative of those of you who commented on my posts, too! Bloggers LOVE comments and I wasn’t expecting a single one,  so THANK…

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My Wedding Weight Loss Before & After Story

January 1, 2013

My Wedding Weight Loss Before and After Story I thought it would be fitting to start this blog with my story, which also happens to be the inspiration behind the entire Fit for a Bride idea!  Growing up overweight, I never thought I’d get married. My first crush was on a boy named Michael Chin and I’ll never forget when he called me fat. I…

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