Whole30 {Week 2 Recap}

Hey guys! Happy Monday!
It’s been an incredible week since I last updated you. I’m midway through the Whole30 program and I’ve had some amazing meals and some pretty incredible revelations, too. I’m really quite proud of myself for making it this far without a single cheat and especially for sticking with it during a week I had two events to attend that were flowing with free food and alcohol.

Someone commented last week and said the first week is the easiest and on about Day 9, when this suddenly felt really hard, I agreed! However, I’m pleased to report that I made it through the week (including both events) without a single cheat! Not even a sip of wine! Powering through these occasions gave me a lot of confidence and will power and it turns out, after it gets harder, it gets easier again. Here’s a peak into my food log:


Day 8: 
B: Green bell pepper and onion egg scramble from the cafeteria at work; second breakfast of monkey salad and black coffee.
L: Salad club salad with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic and red wine vinegar with an afternoon snack of wholly guacamole and carrots and a few black olives. I also went shopping at lunch and stopped in Starbucks for a grande iced green tea and That’s it mango-apple bar.
D: Romaine lettuce boats with salsa, banana peppers, Applegate roasted turkey breast, and spicy brown mustard. I also had a few grapes.


I know the Applegate turkey is conversational and not 100% Whole30 compliant but I think we’re all entitled to eat what works for us, with regard to the parameters and purpose of the program. If I was eating cookies because that’s “what works for me” that would obviously be different. Eating the only sliced turkey or bacon I could find after reading every labels of every option available at the grocery store? A-OK in my book. 

Day 9: 
B: Same as yesterday: green bell pepper and onion egg scramble with a second breakfast of monkey salad and black coffee.
L: Salad club salad with slices of Casual Gourmet roasted red pepper and spinach chicken sausage with an afternoon snack of Wholly guacamole and carrots (again) and an apple.
D: I had another salad with chicken sausage because I was in a pinch for time and didn’t have anything premade at home (tisk, tisk). I tried switching it up by adding spicy mustard as dressing (after I’d already topped it with evoo and red wine vinegar) but I didn’t like it at all! In fact, I thought it was gross! Mustard as dressing is a no-go for this girl! Eck!

Whole30 Week 2 Recipes

I went to CrossFit and then picked up Aaron from class… he went to McDonalds (!!!!!!), which, I don’t even like McDonalds, but I have to say smelled SO good. When we got home I was feeling frustrated about my off-dinner and decided to treat myself. I cooked bananas in coconut oil, topped them with cinnamon, and put them on a dollop of almond butter. Then I topped the whole thing with coconut shreds! It was DEEEEE-LICIOUS! My tastebuds went nuts. So sweet and so, so good!

Whole30 Week 2 Recipes

Day 10:
B: Eggs and leftover bacon from last week with a side of grapes; second breakfast… you guessed it — monkey salad!
L: Romaine lettuce topped with ground turkey, avocado and salsa. I also snacked on a sliced apple and almonds.
D: Then, finally, I made a casserole — the Paleomg 5-ingredient pizza, one of my faves!


This was the night of the gala! I packed cashews, apple slices and carrots in a Ziploc and went with the motto “keep calm and eat cashews,” in mind. Lol! I wasn’t hungry at all so I wasn’t tempted by the food but at one point I did get a whiff of some chocolate (my sense of smell is on point right now!) and man, it smelled good!!!!! I stuck to my guns, though and THAT felt even better! I left unscathed and you are not going to believe this, but I picked up Aaron from class and what did he do? Go to McDonalds again! (Shame on you babe!)

This time, with my will power strengthened by sticking to my guns at the gala, I didn’t feel the slightest bit of temptation.

Day 11: 
B: Monkey breakfast with a second breakfast of Paleomg pizza.
L: Salad club salad with chicken sausage and same snacks: Wholly guacamole, carrots and an apple. The chicken sausage really helped me feel a lot fuller from my Salad club salad than usual.
D: For dinner I cooked salmon in ghee and smeared with spicy brown mustard. On the side I had cabbage, sweet potato hash, and applesauce. (I’m in love with applesauce. That is all!)

Whole30 Week 2 Recap Whole30 Week 2 Recap Whole30 Week 2 Recap

Day 12:
B: Larabar after early morning yoga. Then Paleomg pizza and eggs with my mom (she loved it)!
L: Incredible double-decker chicken lime burger with lettuce, avocado, sweet potato, and spicy brown mustard topped with banana peppers! The pictures are awful but it was so, so good! I felt like a mad scientist as I was making it! You’ll find a way out of no way when you’re hungry! 🙂
D: Small plate of veggies, prosciutto and fruit at a holiday party. (Yay me for not giving into the wine, champagne and cake)!

Whole30 Week 2 Recipes Whole30 Week 2 Recipes Whole30 Week 2 Recipes Whole30 Week 2 Recipes

Day 13:
B: CrossFit then breakfast at City Dinner. I tried the lox, onion and egg omelette and added a side of fruit. I’ve never had a lox omelette but I loved it! It’s so good! Now I’m on the hunt for a recipe to make it at home.
L: Snacked on almonds and apple slices at Ikea… gotta be prepared!
D: I ate a Larabar and more Paleomg pizza for dinner. We went to the mall (long day!) and when we got home I treated myself to a few pickles and applesauce (weird combination, I know)!

Whole30 Week 2 Recipes

Day 14:
B: I was in a rush and only got to eat about half of my usual monkey salad. I had a photoshoot and afterward, met up with Aaron at Cheesecake Factory. I thought for sure they’d have a few options for me but everything on the menu seemed to include tortillas or cheese or both! I ended up ordering the chirizo and avocado egg omelette with no cheese or sour cream. The chef came out and asked me if I was lactose intolerant! When I told him I was just on a special diet — no dairy — he informed me the eggs are made with cream (what?) so he used egg whites instead.

I’ve found that when you ask for specifications at restaurants the waiters are usually pretty accommodating! My old trainer used to tell me to be a “food snob,” and I’ve definitely embraced that during this challenge.

L: I didn’t really eat lunch because we ate a very late breakfast but I snacked on bits of this recipe while I prepared it.
D: I made a kale, broccoli slaw, and cabbage salad (similar recipe here) that we topped with chicken seasoned with cumin and paprika. The salad dressing was surprisingly delish — 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, cumin, paprika, salt, pepper and evoo. So simple yet so good! I had applesauce for dessert!

Whole30 Week 2 Recipes

This week I think my snacks saved me, especially because I only cooked one dish (the Paleomg pizza). I like to call these snacks my convenience food. On this program, it really is a luxury to open something and eat it, versus cooking it!

New snacks this week:

  • Wholly guacamole
  • Pickles (great for a quick bite of something)
  • Applesauce (this has been my dessert all week!)
  • That’s it bar from Starbucks.
  • Raisins… they taste like candy, seriously!

New discoveries:

This week I discovered some incredible recipes: THIS is amazing. Seriously amazing! I made it Sunday night and ate it for lunch today. Who knew acorns were so good? It also made our house smell amazing.

Whole30 Week 2 Recipes

I also discovered I love lox and eggs! I’ve always been a little leery of trying this when I see it at restaurants but it was so good but it was so good! I’ve been craving it ever since.

What I’m loving about this program: 

I’m really beginning to understand what it means to ‘eat to live, not live to eat.’ I snack throughout the day to keep my energy up and the foods I chose to eat aren’t foods I’m craving or have a taste for, or really love; it’s simply fuel to keep me going!

Intention. At the end of yoga last week the instructor said to take a moment to praise yourself for seeing through your intention to get to class. There’s something special and rewarding about living intently. About making decisions on purpose. Not being rash, emotional, or mindless.

My clothes are more comfortable. It’s one thing to look great in your clothes it’s another when they’re more comfortable to wear! Leggings, panty hose, blouses are all fitting a lot better and I’m just more comfortable throughout the day – there’s something to be said about!

Zero stomach issues. No stomach aches or feeling bloated or really full. In fact, my stomach is flatter than I think it’s EVER been.

I feel good inside AND out. Feeling thinner is great but feeling convicted and following through on your intentions, not giving into temptation, and learning a whole heck of a lot is way better. I love what I’m learning about food and all the cool recipes I’m

The newness keeps coming. Week two brought challenges but I found new ways to overcome them. I got bored with carrots so I added guacamole! I love when limitations spark creativity! It’s fun!! That double decker chicken lime burger was such an ‘ah ha’ moment for me! What did I just create??? I didn’t know but it was good and satisfying and that’s all that mattered.

Have you ever tried the Whole30 program? If not, what’s holding you back?   

If you have done it, which week was the hardest for you? 

What are your favorite Whole30 snacks? 

PS: Sorry my pictures aren’t better! It’s exhausting to take a photo of everything I eat, but I’m trying to stick with it! 

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  1. Naomi S wrote:

    be careful with the lox. tends to have sugar 🙁 great post once again!

    Posted 11.10.14 Reply
    • Sara wrote:

      Well now it makes sense why I enjoyed that omelette so much. Haha!! Good to know, though. Thanks!!

      Posted 11.11.14 Reply
  2. Katie wrote:

    Ahh, it looks like too many salads for me this week and not enough fooood. Haha. You must be losing weight!! I’m glad your clothes are fitting better.

    What got hard around day 9? Did you feel hungry a lot or was it more just cravings? Honestly I don’t know how you can steel yourself against chocolate and alcohol. Kudos to you!!

    Posted 11.11.14 Reply
    • Sara wrote:

      For me, it was the realization that I had three full weeks to go. I had been telling myself the entire program was only 3 weeks (not 4). Some of the foods I was eating during Week 2 felt old and blah, too. I wasn’t so much craving other things, but just thinking, “gosh, it’d be so nice to eat fill-in-the-blank.” And yes, chocolate and wine were hard to resist! It’s funny, just as I started thinking I could eat like this all the time, I got the whiff of the chocolate! Then I decided no way! Lol

      Posted 11.11.14 Reply
      • Katie wrote:

        Lol… yeah no chocolate for the rest of your life would be sad. Maybe you can do something like incorporate lots of whole 30 foods/meals in your diet afterward to offset the sometimes chocolate and yummy things. 🙂

        Posted 11.11.14 Reply
        • Sara wrote:

          YES! That’s actually what happened last year when I did a similar challenge and I think it was a turning point for me! Just getting exposed to new recipes, healthier snack options; that stuff sticks with you!

          Posted 11.11.14 Reply
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