#WODSwap with Wine to Weightlifting

November 7, 2014

Hello and happy Friday!
How’s your day going? I’ve been on a roll this morning: hit up a 7am yoga class thanks to ClassPass (I’m loving it so far, FYI) and also completely cleaned up and organized our second bedroom! It feels great to get so much done right thing! I’m off work today, the weekend, and Monday and Tuesday – woohoo! – but I have a long to do list! House stuff. Blog stuff. #firstworldproblems, right? I know!

Anyway, you guys know I love Fashion Fridays and I try to share with you whenever I come across cool CrossFit gear; gear in general, really! And so, with that, I thought those of you who enjoyed those posts might like to know about #WODSwap! Have you heard of it?



I think this is a genius idea and I’m already signed up to participate!

Jenn over at Wine to Weightlifting came up with #WODSwap. She has an awesome down-to-earth (often comical) CrossFit blog and will be hosting and coordinating monthly #WODSwaps. Here’s how it works (from Jenn’s original post):

What do you guys think? Fun, right? I already have some great ideas for what I’ll send my swap buddy and of course, I can’t wait to receive something in the mail myself!

A few reasons I love this: 

Snail mail is awesome! Who doesn’t love receiving a package?

CrossFit swag, coming your way. Guaranteed! I do a lot of gawking at cute CrossFit clothes: tanks, headbands, wrist wraps, etc., but I never actually buy anything. Since I started CrossFit, the only ‘gear’ I have are wrist wraps! Hopefully I won’t be saying the same after my first swap!

Buying for others is easier. (Or, is it just me?) I know that if I have to buy something for someone else, I hop to it. If I’m buying for myself, I’m on the fence, and usually stay there, not buying anything at all. I’m hoping that buy buying for someone else, I’ll buy a little more often for myself, too (the whole, ‘one for you… one for me’ kinda thing)!

Meeting other CrossFitters is always awesome! Who wouldn’t want to meet more people with similar interests? I have a blog… I imagine the people readingWine to Weightlifting might have a blog… that + CrossFit? We already have so much in common!! I can’t wait to meet you new #WODSwap buddy!!!

It’s a hashtag, so it’s gotta be cool. Nuff’ said.

Are you interested in participating?

The sign-up for November will be open today through Sunday. Matches will be sent out November 10!

Thanks for coordinating, Jenn!

Do you participate in any swaps?

Do you love getting snail mail?

What’s your swag status? 

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  1. Aww thank you for the sweet write-up!! I am hoping this runs as smoothly as it is in my head.. haha. 😉

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